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Badilag Coordination Meeting 2016 Nuanced National work Meeting PDF Print E-mail
Written by hermanto   
Tuesday, 02 February 2016 07:55

Badilag Coordination Meeting 2016 Nuanced National work Meeting

Bandung l

Coordination meeting in 2016, which is organized by Directorate General of Religious Courts seem like a national work meeting which is organized by Supreme Court every year.

nuance of national work meeting is tasted not only in a large number of participants but also from a series of events and output

Directorate General organizing coordination meeting and work meeting in marathon way in Bandung for four days, Tuesday – Friday (26-29/1/2016)

The work meeting attended by officials and Badilag employees . Total number of participants are 52 . In addition to guidance from Secretary of the Directorate General Badilag, this meeting also hold a training and discussion related to ISO 9001: 2015.

This coordination meeting attended by justices , assistants of Religious Chamber , officials and employees Badilag, and chief judges, registrars and secretary of Aceh Syar'iyah Court / High Religious Court throughout Indonesia. In addition, there are 11 RC leaders that obtained ISO 9001: 2008.

The coordination meeting is opened by Chief of the Religious Chamber , Prof. Dr. H. Abdul Manan, SH, S.IP., M.Hum on Wednesday night.

Prof Manan accompanied by three justices of the Religious Chamber , each of them assist to give briefing. They are Dr. H. Amran Arabia, SH, M.H., Dr. H. Purwosusilo, SH, M.H. and Dr. H. A. Mukti Arto, SH, M.H.

On Friday morning until noon, all participants gathered in forum again, to follow the ISO Certificate ceremony to  11 RC, and hearing a guidance which is delivered by Secretary of Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia

"this coordination meeting is needed to share an experience, the perception, and looking for solutions in technical and nontechnical area," said Director General  Drs. H. Abdul Manaf, M.H.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 February 2016 01:36
Secretary of the Directorate General Badilag: From 11 RC, There's Only Two RC with Minor Findings PDF Print E-mail
Written by hermanto   
Wednesday, 06 January 2016 06:51

Purwokerto l

11 RC funded by Directorate General to implement a quality management system during 2015, not gained any major findings. Indeed there are minor findings, but even then only in two RC. As a result, the entire RC are declared entitled to obtain ISO certification 9001: 2008.

11th RC are RC of Binjai (HRC of Medan), RC of Kayuagung (HRC of Palembang), RC of Pekanbaru (HRC of Pekanbaru), RC of North Jakarta (HRC of Jakarta), RC of Karawang (HRC of Bandung), RC of Purbalingga (HRC of Semarang), RC of Yogyakarta (HRC of Yogyakarta), RC of Surabaya (HRC of Surabaya ), RC of Amuntai (HRC of Banjarmasin), RC of Sungguminasa (HRC of Makassar), and RC of Mataram (HRC of Mataram ).

"Alhamdulillah, 11 RC achieve ISO. Every RC has implemented a quality management system and obtained satisfactory results. There are only two minor findings, "said Secretary of the Directorate General Badilag H. Tukiran, SH, MM in RC of Purwokerto, Wednesday (30/12/2015).

Major findings are the findings is considered severe, for example if there is no quality control records. If the major findings obtained, then an istitution do not pass the audit, so it is not entitled to obtain the ISO certificate.

Meanwhile, minor findings are findings that the impact is not significant, for example if there is a certain work tools that do not work or if there is implementation of the tasks that have not been according to SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) . Minor findings do not preclude an institution to get ISO certification, but at a later stage, the minor findings should be followed up.

Secretary express, ISO certificate handover to 11 RC will be carried out in RC of North Jakarta, on the last weekend of January 2016. Total 14 RC which have acquired ISO certification after RC of Stabat, RC of North Jakarta and RC of Central Jakarta.

“That number will continue to grow, because in 2016 Directorate General already programmed to finance 10 RC again in order to implement a quality management system. Some RC are ready to take similar steps, but at their own expense,” Secretary added.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 January 2016 12:43
Australian Students Curious on Religious Courts PDF Print E-mail
Written by hermanto   
Tuesday, 15 December 2015 12:27

Australian Students Curious on Religious Courts

Student of law of Charles Darwin University (Australia) visited RC of Depok on Thursday (3/12/2015). It was a part of short course on transnational organized crime. The student was warmly welcomed by Chief Judge RC of Depok, Dr. H. Andi Akram, SH.,MH. and his range .

Andi explained about Supreme Court , Religious Court shortly and RC development. Related to transnational organized crime, Basically RC has no authority in criminal case only Syariah Court in Aceh province which has an authority to handle criminal case (Jinayah) based on Islamic law.

“ Now RC of Depok is organizing in many aspects such as management , public service facilities and court room” Andi said.

Andi invited all students to walk around in RC building before they left RC.



Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 January 2016 12:44
Good News from Ibnu Saud University PDF Print E-mail
Written by Shofa Qolbi   
Thursday, 18 December 2014 07:59

Good News from Ibnu Saud University

Jakarta l

Vice Chancellor of Islamic University of Ibnu Saud, Dr. Muhammad Said Al Alam visited Badilag, Tuesday, 16/12/2014.

Come along with the Dean of Ushuluddin Faculty, Director of Foreign Education, and Rector of Islamic and Arabic Science Institute (LIPIA) Jakarta, the Vice Chancellor was welcomed by the Acting DG of Badilag, Purwosusilo and his range.

During the meeting, Dr. Muhammad Said asserted that the University will facilitate the Judges from Religious Court to participate in Islamic Economy training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There have been 80 judges who will soon participate in the training in two terms. And then, there will be around 80 more to follow.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 January 2016 12:45
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